fish_one on Make A Giffish_two on Make A Giffish_three on Make A Gif


  • Consultations – Full parameter water analysis, 30-45 min. discussion and training
  • Installations – Selection of enclosure (shape/size), location consultation, inhabitant selection, addition of trace elements to simulate natural environment
  • Maintenance – Full parameter water analysis, equipment cleaning and care, overall enclosure maintenance
  • Moves – Full parameter water analysis, speedy breakdown and re-installation, full protection of fish and other inhabitants, next day shipping and/or boarding (live and non-live)
  • Deconstruction – Speedy breakdown and removal/disposal
  • Recycling – Free removal of any/all installation or equipment
  • Ponds “All Maintenance” – Full parameter water analysis, plumbing, liner repair, naturescaping, etc.
  • Emergency Visits – Full parameter water analysis, emergency care (power outages, equipment failure, etc.)
  • Free Delivery
  • Prices vary based on your display and specific needs